About Us


4QTRS Holdings’ mission is to bring innovation to our customers who are responsible for the daunting task to ensure public safety, enable emergency response and secure critical infrastructure.  Too often solutions deployed in this market are proprietary and provide challenges for creating interoperability between multi-vendor solutions.  Our mission is to deliver solutions with open and standards based architecture to foster disparate system interoperability.  The ability to enable information sharing and real-time situational awareness across all critical stakeholders to mitigate risk and enable intelligent, informed response is our core focus.

4QTRS Holdings can enable your interoperability goals by providing an integrated and interoperable suite of products that enable multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional information sharing, situational awarenss and disaster response solutions.   This includes enabling situational awareness between disparate agencies like first responder agencies and schools to quickly share data to equip first responders with critical incident information to respond to emergency situations like active shooter incidents.

Company Overview

4QTRS focus is providing innovation solutions to support an All Hazards Response.  This includes providing real-time intelligence between Public, Private, Government & other key stakeholders. We provide Situational Awareness and Common Operating solutions for many industry market areas.  Our lines of business include:

  • Public Safety & Emergency Management : Multi-agency multi-jurisdictional situational awareness,  Enhanced Common Operating Picture (eCOP), and damage assessment solutions
  • Education: Enabling situational awareness to provide day-to-day monitoring of incidents within school districts and enhance rapid response in the event of an emergency situations. This includes integration of systems like cameras, door locks, attendance systems, panic buttons and more.  
  • DHS & DOD sensor technologies and integration for threat detection and mitigation
  • Private Corporations: Enabling private organizations to share information with public and non-profit organizations and agencies to improve incident response

4QTRS Holdings has three main offices in the United States:

  • Headquarters is located in Lake Mary, FL
  • Research and Development division is located in Yakima, WA


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