InPointe is a mobile application that provides school staff, teachers and other employees to communicate and collaborate in real-time.  InPointe was built to function as a mobile panic button during emergency incidents.
However, InPointe also serves as a day-to-day communication and collaboration tool.  The InPointe mobile application is configured to connect to the SafePointe Solution; providing mobile alerts and status updates as an Incident or Event unfolds.  InPointe is an HTML5 application that is accessible from virtually any device that supports a browser function.  This includes smart phones, tablets, and computers.
All InPointe alerts are displayed within the SafePointe dashboard.  SafePointe users are able to pinpoint the InPointe user’s location on the floor-plan based map as soon as an alert is sent.

Product Overview

The InPointe application has three levels of alerts from a mobile device (High, medium, and low priority). These levels are customizable by system administrator. 
  • Red (High) is implied that the situation is urgent and may require external first responder  agency response (Police, Fire, EMS)
  • Yellow (Medium) is implied that the situation is urgent, but does not require police or fire presence
  • Blue (Low) is designed to be used for Status Checks or Status Updates
This provide ease of use and immediate identification of the threat level.  InPointe notifications can be sent externally to external  first responders within the InPointe application as well as notification within the SafePointe dashboard.  
School Districts can authorize first responder agencies to have a login to both InPointe & SafePointe to provide faster notification and real-time collaboration between school resources and first responders. Click here to learn more about the SafePoint Solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides the user with the ability to submit alert notifications to SafePointe from mobile devices.
  • Provides notification features to communicate back to authorized users
  • Provides situational awareness to users by being able to view other alerts on a map surrounding the user’s location
  • View alerts in real-time within the SafePointe dashboard
  • Users can include additional detail and comments pertaining to the alert
  • Provide backup communications and notifications to traditional emergency information systems
  • Upload a photo, video, or audio clip for the alert
  • Submit updates to the alert as circumstances change
  • View on a map alerts from others surrounding your current location
  • Receive Notifications from the SafePointe application, by individual or by groups
  • Receive Notifications on your mobile device, via email, or at a private Twitter feed


InPointe Product Screen

InPointe is more than a mobile panic button, it is a robust communications & collaboration tool."