The SafePointe School Safety solution enables situational awareness and collaboration between schools  and first responders by providing real-time access to critical information sources.  

SafePointe provides interoperability with facility information sources such as:


  • Emergency alert elements: panic buttons, intercom systems, shot detector systems, etc.
  • Access control: electromagnetic door locks, card access readers, intrusion sensors, etc.
  • Environmental monitoring sources: fire alarm, HVAC, etc.
  •  School Video Cameras

Examples of our proven integration with SafePointe include:

  • CAD Systems: Tritech, Tiburon, Versaterm, Northrop Grumman
  • 9-1-1 Systems: Intrado Viper, Cassidian Sentinel
  • Cameras: ONSSI, Axis, Pelco, ExacQVision Video, Milestone, DyvTel, EvoStream
  • Other Public Safety Systems: Rapid Responder, Rhodium ICS
  • Sensor Systems: Gunshot detection, panic buttons, unauthorized entry sensors, etc.

The innovative, integrated products from 4QTRS provide a platform to successfully integrate critical school safety systems to create interoperability of disparate systems and enable real-time information sharing to deliver true situational awareness to enhance incident response.

Product Overview

SafePointe enhances incident response by providing real-time information sharing between school staff, first responders and other resources that require incident information. 
The SafePointe solution presents data from critical information sources to a map-based enhanced Common Operating Picture (eCOP) dashboard. The eCOP provides a consolidated real-time view to authorized school and first responder resources.  
From the eCOP, users can view details from the facility information sources; access building floor plans and evacuation routes; activate access control and emergency alert systems;  monitor cameras, and view location information from GIS enabled vehicles including first responders and school buses.   As an event occurs, all stakeholders have the same real-time view of the situation.  SafePointe also provides integrated messaging to enhance collaboration between school personnel and first responders.
School safety is a daunting task that is top of mind today for school administrators, staff, teachers, parents, first responders and many other stakeholders (public & private).
Often times, school safety systems and solutions are implemented in response to an incident, either personally experienced by the school district or from the news headlines. These solutions are implemented and ready in the event an incident occurs.  
Schools have implemented annual or biannual incident response training and specific mock incident response, like active shooter scenarios.  However, without daily use of the system, staff may not be proficient in the incident response system and the solution can quickly be set aside for manual processes during an incident.  
The SafePointe solution is developed for daily use providing an easy to use dashboard to access student attendance, visitor management, cameras and many other systems used in daily school management.  The difference is that if an incident occurs, the systems are second nature to administrators, teachers and staff since they utilize it every day. 
SafePointe extends beyond the school boundaries by incorporating first responders, systems to share incident data and enable access to external agencies.  SafePointe provides mobile access with the InPointe application which provides a mobile panic button and two way communications between internal and external users responsible for incident response.
Knowledge and information is power. The more information that is quickly available during an incident provides more informed and faster lifesaving decisions to protect students and staff. 
When seconds count…..Count on SafePointe.

Features & Benefits

The SafePointe solution provides a map-base layer for each floor of each school within the school district. The Facilities Management tab enables users to select specific school and floors from a drop down menu or by entering the first few letters of the name of the school.  By utilizing actual floor plans as the base map within SafePointe, it allows data layers identifying information sources and systems like cameras, panic buttons, utilities, Hazmat storage and others to be displayed visually on the map.  
Event/Incident Management 
The SafePointe solution provides a mission-critical solution for schools that are extended to public safety first responder agencies.  With SafePointe, school resources and public safety personnel are able to view information from multiple sources that are relevant to emergencies, incidents and events; maintaining a constant and real-time picture of the tactical situation; communicating and collaborating with appropriate people, agencies, and departments; and tracking and directing resources for day-to-day and large scale incidents or events.
SafePointe provides a common framework to collect and disseminate information so agencies can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, make better use of resources, and provide a coordinated and timely response during crisis.
Information Sharing
The SafePointe is far more than just an intuitive and efficient user interface to dynamically display current incident data; it is a comprehensive software platform for bringing information together for effective emergency collaboration.  The SafePointe solution provides a valuable tool for bringing disparate information sources together for schools, the public safety community and multi-jurisdictional agencies.
Dynamic Data Input
SafePointe provides integration into many school, first responder, and other external agency systems to allow information to be shared dynamically and shared across all users without any manual data entry.
Asset Tracking 
The SafePointe allows you see and track any assets leveraging RFID or other GPS enabled devices on dashboard. This includes equipment, people, school busses and virtually any other enabled devices.  
Integration with Mass Notification/Communication Systems
SafePointe utilizes the industry standard Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) to interface with intercoms, mass notification systems and other communication systems supporting CAP.  The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is a digital format for exchanging emergency alerts that allows a consistent alert message to be disseminated simultaneously over many different communications systems.
Document Storage
SafePointe provides a content management web application that allows school representatives to post school safety information, plans, procedures, and documents as an information sharing resource for communication and collaboration with SafePointe Users and other essential personnel. The SafePointe Information Center is a comprehensive document storage and information sharing Center for Schools, First Responder Agencies (Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS) and other critical external resources.



When seconds count . . . count on SafePointe. "