ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD

ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD

Over the past several years, the growth rate of incidents far surpass the budget increases for first responder agencies. This growth results in an increased dependency to leverage first responder resources and equipment from neighboring agencies. The ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD solution will provide interoperability of the existing CAD systems, improve the process of requesting agency partner aid and provide the best possible incident response to the incident.  

Product Overview

ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD enables dispatchers to quickly determine available resources closest to the incident from any participating agency within the CAD-to-CAD network.  Custom icons indicate the type of resource and specific personnel skills to ensure the best available resource for the specific incident is dispatched.

ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD supports automatic aid, mutual aid and catastrophic incident requests.  During a widespread incident, it is critical to quickly access information from many locations and many devices. ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD provides real-time access to emergency responder resource and unit availability; incident details and other critical information to be quickly shared across all authorized users of the system quickly allowing dispatchers to determine available resources closest to the incident. Access to CAD data is typically limited to the dispatch center; ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD extends this view to critical command resources in diverse locations. The ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD dashboard can simultaneously be viewed and updated at the Dispatch Center, Incident Command Post, EOC, or any other authorized location. This real-time information is quickly accessible by all incident stakeholders, ready for use in planning, logistics, and tactical response activities.

Features & Benefits

Benefits to ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD System participants:

  • Common dashboard view for multi-jurisdictional incidents
  • Real-time access to incidents and resources across all participating agencies
  • Ability to share supplemental information, specific details, and dispatcher notes
  • Investment protection – Leverage existing CAD and GIS
  • Deliver real-time multi-media information by integrating city or county deployed cameras
  • Improve response with access to real-time mission critical information
  • Monitor, Analyze, Interpret & Interact with rapidly changing situations
  • Easily track partner jurisdiction aid incidents
  • Optimize emergency operations and maximize efficiency
  • A secure, reliable, extensible and highly configurable user interface
  • NIEM and CJIS compliant architecture
  • Share a real-time view of strategic and tactical situations
  • Ability to aggregate data from many disparate sources
  • Interpret data to enable real-time analysis of the situation
  • Provide immediate access to resources to facilitate an informed response, including personnel, pre-plans, action plans, standard operating procedures, etc.
  • Enable real-time communication and collaboration between stakeholders
  • A platform that will expand to include additional agencies across the region and state

Benefits to Individual Agencies:

  • No impact to day-to-day dispatch functions.  Dispatchers continue to use existing CAD system
  • Autonomy to continue to make decisions for technology purchases, like CAD and RMS, based on the specific needs of the individual agency
  • Quickly authorize or deny a request for units and resources based on mutual-aid and automatic-aid agreements
  • Dynamically request resources from participating agencies


Whether the incident requires a single unit or multi-jurisdictional coordination, ViewPointe CAD-to-CAD delivers real-time information to enable dynamic dispatch of resources to enhance incident response."